Our cooperative values are commitment, excellence, respect, and solidarity
新澳门六合彩开奖结果's cooperative status in France has forged the Group's identity, based on four values: commitment, excellence, respect and solidarity.

新澳门六合彩开奖结果 is the largest cooperative and participatory company (French: SCOP) in France.

Cooperative governance safeguards our long-term strategy to guarantee the company鈥檚 sustainability. At our foundation lies a model of corporate democracy, in which each employee-partner can exercise his or her right to vote at general meetings (1 person = 1 vote).

This cooperative status is the foundation of 新澳门六合彩开奖结果鈥檚 identity, and the company ensures that its values are upheld in its subsidiaries.

Our Board of Directors

新澳门六合彩开奖结果鈥檚 Board of Directors consists of 12听members, all employee-partners in the SCOP. The directors are elected for four years and represent all partners.

The Board of Directors determines the strategic direction, the general policies, the investment and research programme, and the budget.

Composition of the board of directors on June 9, 2023:

  • Jacques de Heere, Chairman-Chief Executive Officer
  • Fr茅d茅ric Briand, Deputy CEO
  • Laurent Colibert,听Group Industrial Development Manager听
  • S茅bastien Cordier,听Warehouse Supervisor, Group Industrial Management听
  • Anne-Sophie Decourri猫re, Director of the Building, City and Transport Business Unit
  • R茅gis Desfoux,Logistician, Group Industrial Management听
  • Val茅rie Faguais, Customer Service Manager of the Building, City & Transport Business Unit
  • C茅line Lardeur, Copper LAN Production Manager of the Building, City & Transport Business Unit
  • Christelle Larue-Lemartinel, Production manager of the Infrastructures & Telecom Networks Business Unit
  • Pierre-Yves Ogier, Deputy financial director
  • Marion Pineau, Financial Controller
  • St茅phane Samson, Director of the Global Automotive Systems听Business Unit

Headed by Jacques de Heere, the Management Committee meets once per month, bringing together the branch directors and the functional leadership.

  • Jacques de Heere, Chief Executive Officer
  • Aur茅lien Bergonzo, Director of Research, Innovation, Technology and Foresight
  • Fr茅d茅ric Briand, Deputy CEO
  • Anne-Sophie Decourri猫re, Director of the building, city & transport division
  • Xavier Dubourget, Director of Human Resources and Cooperative Life
  • Alban Eraclas, Director of Performance, Quality and CSR
  • Pierre Le Moal, Group Industrial Director
  • Nathalie Lascaux, Director of Communications听
  • Pierre-Yves Ogier, Deputy financial director and Legal
  • Jean-Marc Paret, Director of Telecom Networks & Infrastructure
  • Christian Romero, Director of operations
  • St茅phane Samson, Head of Global Automotive Systems

In order to accelerate operational decisions and prepare those of the Management Committee, the Executive Committee meets once a month; bringing together in addition to the Chairman-CEO:

  • The Director of Human Resources & Cooperative Affairs
  • The Director of Finance, Legal & IT Systems
  • The Director of the Global Automotive & Systems Division
  • The Director of the Industrial Group

Our Strategic Orientation Committee

The Strategic Orientation Committee provides input for strategic thinking and advice on the Group's major strategic and technological orientations. It is consulted on the overall coherence of activities, the priorities to be given to different actions and the future vision of activities.

Meeting four times per year, it includes Gabrielle Gauthey, Senior Vice President & Director of European Public Affairs at Total, Jacques Chauvet, Independent Consultant, and Nadine Leclair,听President of the International Federation of Societies of Automotive Engineers (FISITA).


新澳门六合彩开奖结果 has joined the DataLab Normandie, a consortium driven by the Normandy Region, which aims to develop a data ecosystem in Normandy.
新澳门六合彩开奖结果 SA obtained an overall score of 86 points on the gender equality index
新澳门六合彩开奖结果 and its partner ALSATIS are launching a 5G testing platform at its multi-plant site in Romagny (Manche) to test new practices for Industry 4.0.